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SEDO - Service the World with MKS Knowledge

SEDO is a thermal interface material brand of Shanghai MKS Material Technology Co., Ltd. SEDO focuses on the development and the manufacture and the test of thermal interface materials and applications in vehicles and others industry.

Our team not only provides the highest quality thermal interface materials, but also provides industry-leading thermal management solutions and provides excellent service to meet the various thermal management needs of our customers in complex environments.

SEDO products including silicone thermal pad, liquid dispensable thermal gap filler, thermal conductive insulator, phase change material, thermal potting glue, thermal grease, thermal adhesive and so on, and according to customer demand for customized product development.

Our products are widely used on renewable energy vehicles, computers, tele-communications, consumer electronics, aviation industry, as well as power conversions, optical products, LED lighting, storage devices, medical equipment, etc.

SEDO products and services have been recognized by many industry leaders, and delivered to many customers in various industries around the world.

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Our Factory

Located in the famous automotive town Jiading District, Shanghai, our factory is equipped with state of art manufacturing equipment, processes, as well as testing and R&D devices and infrastructures. These have enabled our team to deliver reliable thermal interface materials and premium services with competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).

Value Advantages

R&D Capabilities

With a top-notch R&D team consisting of scientists, experimenters, process developers, and test and verification personnel, SEDO is able to continuously develop industry-leading thermal conductivity-related products.
The R&D department of SEDO is equipped with advanced experimental and testing equipment, which can verify and optimize our products in a multidimensional and highly repeatable manner to ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers.

Application Capabilities

By working with leading companies in multiple industries, the SEDO team has accumulated a great deal of experience in practical applications.
Our team of engineers can provide excellent support to our customers on how to choose the best product for different application scenarios, bring out the best performance of the product, and improve the performance of use.

Service Capabilities

The SEDO team understands the needs of global clients and can provide right services at different stages of projects according to product types, program life cycles, etc.
Practicing our corporate value of "continuously creating values and helping customers to succeed", SEDO will keep providing world class support in product optimization iteration, quality assurance management, project and order tracking, and more, to our customers.