SD-PG20 is a 2 part addition cure silicone. For easy application the product was designed with very low viscosity.

It cure at room temperature but it is possible to accelerate the speed by heat. This product has anti-toxic

property, low viscosity, good fluidity, low shrinkage after curing, and excellent flame-resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity: 2.0 W/m·K
  • Two-component, room or elevated temperature curing system silicone
  • Low viscosity and high flow
  • Excellent low and high temperature mechanical and chemical stability

Typical Properties

Viscosity / Part A 3,500 mPas Brookfield 4# 10rpm
Viscosity / Part B 3,500 mPas Brookfield 4# 10rpm
Viscosity as Mixed 3,500 mPas Brookfield 4# 10rpm
Density 2.8 g/cc GB/T 13354-1992
Mix Ratio 1:1 -
Shelf Life @ 10-27°C 12 months -
Tensile Strength (MPa) 1.0 -
Hardness, Shore 00 55 ASTM D2240
Dielectric Strength 10kV/mm ASTM D149
Volume Resistivity (Ω·cm) ≥ 1x10¹¹ ASTM D257
Flame Rating V-0 UL 94
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) 2.0 ASTM D5470
Pot life @ 25 °C 60 mins. -
Cure @ 25 °C 12 hrs. -
Cure @ 80°C 30 mins. -
Working Temp. -50-180°C -

Typical Applications

  • Automotive electronics
  • Power supplies
  • Connectors
  • Sensors
  • Industrial controls
  • Transformers
  • High voltage resistor packs

Available Forms

  • Supplied in 20KG barrel

Directions for Use

Oven atmosphere: nitrogen (recommended) or air;

The existence of some substances could inhibit or influence curing:

Organic tin and other metal compounds;

Silicone rubber containing tin catalyst; Sulfur, sulfur compounds, polysulfone compounds or other sulfur-containing compounds; Amine, polyurethane rubber or other ammonia containing substances; Phosphorus containing substances; Unsaturated hydrocarbon plasticizers; Flux residues, etc.

Clean the surface of pasted object to get rid of oil, water, dust, and other impurities;

Weight Part A and Part B accurately;

Blend: Mix the Part A and Part B evenly, using vacuum degassing if necessary.

(Some sediment maybe exist in the bottom of Part A or Part B. Please stir evenly before mixing.)

Pouring: Mixture should be used up within the working time, otherwise its viscosity will increase leading to it not suitable for pouring.

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