SD-PU117F is a two-part urethane-based adhesive. The material with low odor, low VOC, is suitable for bonding of various materials such as metals, plastics and rubber. SD-PU117F can be machine dispensed and also available in manual operation. After curing, it has strong adhesion, high toughness, excellent resistance to tearing, shearing and impact. It has excellent aging resistance and chemical resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • Polyurethane adhesive
  • Low odor
  • Two components
  • Good adhesion to substrates

Typical Properties

Color- Part A/B Yellow/Blue Visual
Color- Mixed Green Visual
Viscosity- A/B (mPas) 32000/ 30000 Brookfield 14# 100rpm
Density- Part A (g/cm3) 1.35 GB/T 13477.2-2002
Density- Part B (g/cm3) 1.32 GB/T 13477.2-2002
Mix Rate in volume 1:1 -
Self life@ 8-28℃ 6 months -
Tear Strength@ 7days, Al ≥ 7 MPa GB/T 7124-2008
Tensile Strength@ 7days, Al ≥ 7 MPa GB/T 7124-2008
Temperature Usage -40℃ to 85℃ -
Pot life @25℃ 15 min -
Cure @ 25 ℃ 7 days -
Hardness 65 Shore D
Flame Rate V0 GB/T 2408-2008

Typical Applications

  • Structural bonding of materials
  • Low surface energy materials Bonding
  • Aluminum, steel and other materials bonding
  • Battery pack

Available Forms

  • Supplied in cartridge or barrel
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