SD-TA10 is a two-part urethanes adhesive with high thermal conductive performance.

The thermal conductivity of SD-TA10 is 1.0W/m-K. It can adhere well on the rough surfaces of electronic component with a better strength and proper toughness.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity: 1.0 W/m·K
  • Solvent free
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Good adhesion to substrates

Typical Properties

Color A/B Black/White Visual
Viscosity- Part A 45000 GB/T 2094-2013
Density- Part A 1.7 GB/T 13477.2-2002
Viscosity- Part B 160000 GB/T 2094-2013
Density- Part B 2.2 GB/T 13477.2-2002
Mix Rate (Volume) 1:1 -
Shelf Life @ 8-28°C 6 month -
Hardness (Shore D) 80 -
Unprimed Adhesion-Lap Shear (Al-Al) 8 MPa GB/T 7124-2008
Temperature Usage -45-85 °C -
Thermal Conductivity 1.0 GB/T 10297-2015
Pot Life @ 25°C 40min
Cure @ 25 °C 7 days -
Cure @ 80 °C 4 hours -

Typical Applications

  • Bonding integrated circuit substrates
  • Adhering lids and housings
  • Base plate attach
  • Heat sink attach, automated or manual dispensing
  • Thermally conductive structural bonding

Available Forms

  • Supplied in 30cc/300cc Syringe
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